Please note that we will be unavailbe Sunday, 2/18/2018.  Please contact Dr. Layle Echols at http://www.errandofmercy.net/.  

   In a perfect world every animal would live a long, vibrant and comfortable life and grow old with dignity and grace. When their bodies are failing from disease or chronic pain they would pass peacefully at home surrounded by their loving family. While heartbreaking, eventually all of us must make the decision to help our pets die with dignity and with as much comfort as possible.  The final gift we can give to our faithful companions is to have them pass away at home in our loving arms.  

   When you feel this time is approaching you can call or email us to talk about what is best for your pet.  Ultimately, you know your pet the very best and when the bad days outnumber the good days with chronic illness the decision of when to end your pet's life will become more clear.  When their time of need arrives we can help end your pet's suffering in the comfort of your home or in a fresh air setting of your choice. Our practice is dedicated solely to in-home compassionate euthanasia of dogs and cats so that we can be available to you seven days a week, including weekends and holidays.  


Dr. Tanya Kjeldsberg, DVM and Dr. Mary Jane Cionni, DVM

Available 8 am - 8 pm,  Seven Days a Week  

Including Evenings, Weekends, Sundays and Holidays.

Cell Phone Number: 801-631-2265 

Email Address:  Dr. Tanya:  tkjeldsberg@me.com;  Dr. Mary Jane:  mjc.meow@yahoo.com  

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